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Full-Automatic Surface & Interfacial Tensiometer
A10 is the basic and entry-level weight-based surface tensiometer, incuding 3 method:classical Wihelmy Plate Method (Slide Wihelmy Plate Method), Modified Wihelmy Plate Method and DuNoüy Ring Method.

Measurement of surface tension (ST) / interface tension (IFT) , analysis of equilibrium and dynamic contact angle (CA / DCA) of solid material, contact angle of powder and fiber, as well as measurement of critical micelle concentration (CMC) of surfactant and more are all characterizations of interface chemistry.

Modularity designed series A10 are equipped with micro-analytical balance, high-precision vertical travel positioning stage controlled by stepper motor, and digital semiconductor temperature sensor. The instrument advantages in such merits as simple operation, high accuracy, complete function and excellent quality. It has powerful data management and covers three different measurement methods, which enable it to be applied extensively in measurement of dynamic / static surface tension (ST) and interface tension (IFT). International design, global sourcing and professional service provide you comprehensive and professional solution in interface chemistry measurement.

The latest upgraded model A101S embeds professional customized portable control terminal, with which you can control your interface chemistry analytical process more conveniently. All data can be copied into your U-disk and printed out. Unexpected functions are all designed for you.

 surface tensiometer surface tension meter surface tension measurement instrument



Product Name



Ink, Paint

Analyzing wettability in printing/coating process, R&D and product’s quality control



Development of printing plate detergent and its wettability analysis, wettability analysis of film, paper, etc.



Wettability analysis and quality control


Detergent Industry

Analysis of surfactant’s absorption rate, property and its proper concentration (CMC)


Chemical Cocatalyst Fluid

Analysis abilities of aggregation and diffusion



Analysis of dispersity, stability and wettability of emulsion and suspending agent



Wettability analysis, quality control



Development, formula preparation as well as wettability analysis of additive


Nanofiber and Powder

Analyzing hydrophilic or super-hydrophobic contact angle and dynamic contact angle



Indicating interface tension in secondary and tertiary oil recovery, quality control of displacement agent , degradable ingredients analysis



Analysis of contact angle, wettability, surface tension and adhesive force


Pharmaceutical & Food

Analysis of surface tension, wettability, surface tension of can coating as well as cleanness analysis



Surface tension analysis of transformer oil and insulating oil, as well as contact angle analysis of fibre bundle



Measurement of surface tension and critical micelle concentration (CMC)





USA KINO's Instruments confirming to the following standards:

→ ASTM D 0971-91: Standard test method for interface tension of oil against water by the ring method

 ASTM D 1331-56: Standard test method for surface and interface tension of solutions of surface active agents

 ASTM D 1417-83: Standard method of testing rubber lattices-synthetic

 ASTM D 1590-60: Standard test method for surface tension of water

 BS EN 14370-2004: Surface active agents - Determination of surface tension

 ISO 1409-1995: Plastics/rubber – Polymer dispersions and rubber lattices (natural and synthetic) – Determination of surface tension by the ring method

 ISO 6295: Determination of interface tension of oil against water

 ISO 304 & ISO 6889: Surface active agents – Determination of interface tension by drawing up liquid films

 ISO 4311: Anionic and non-ionic surface active agents- Determination of the critical micellization concentration – Method by measuring surface tension with a plate, stirrup or ring



 Leading design of weighing sensor

- Electromagnetic force balance sensor technology, expertise in micro-weighing analysis.

- Better temperature drifting correction, zero tracking technology.

- Data processing with more reliable values.

- World’s first rear sensor (A101, A606), useful for volatile & corrosive sample liquid analysis, e.g. liquid ammonia and acid substances, etc.

- Double-microchip processing technology, with better data-handling capacity and higher speed of processing.

- Upgradeable software, customized to meet your special test requirements.

 High-precision sample positioning stage and temperature control system

- Stepper motor controlled high-precision vertical travel positioning stage, with resolution up to 0.1μm and repetitive-positioning accuracy up to 2μm.

- Digital temperature sensor made of semiconductor with temperature resolution of 0.01 and absolute temperature accuracy of down to 0.0625.

- Sample chamber controlled by water circulator offers best temperature control.

CAST®1.0 powerful functions and user-friendly interface

- More methods available for you to make a comprehensive solution.

- USA KINO exclusively provides 3 methods, including classical Wihelmy plate method (slide Wihelmy plate method), modified Wihelmy plate method and DuNoüy ring method.

- USA KINO’s innovative 3rd generation Wilhelmy plate method used Young-Laplace equation correction, in which method plate needn’t be immersed and withdrawn in measuring process (such method is called zero buoyance method).

It can be used for measurement of dynamic & static surface / interface tension, especially for viscosity sample, which enriches measurement technologies of interface chemistry.

- Professional FK buoyancy correction technology

- Professional L-G / L-L interface detection technology

- Professional zero point correction and value preset technology

 Comfortable operation process

- Universal USB2.0 communication port provides stronger compatibility, higher speed, and convenient access to laptops and new-model desktops without RS232 port.

- One-key zeroing and full-auto measurement with simple and convenient operation, to minimize errors caused by human operation.

- Humanizing pre-wetting function, designed for oily sample measurement.

Some samples can’t well wetting Wilhelmy plate or DuNoüy ring for the first time, especially for some oily sample. Our uniquely designed pre-wetting function can provide a more humanized solution for you in these cases.

- Multiple self-calibration functions to enhance measurement reliability

Series A10 are equipped with both weighing sensor calibration and self-calibration function for sensing interface (Wilhelmy plate and DuNoüy ring), which is much better than other manufacturers’. It can enable you to control reliability of measured value more effectively.

 Managing all dynamic live data

- Software manages all live data that balance acquired. All data can be query and modified as well as exported to Excel.

- Real-time display of data graph, with observation of interface tension changes.

The function provides unparalleled convenience in measuring dynamic surface tension of time-dependent, medium-high viscosity samples, and volatile liquid or mixture.

surface tensiometer

 Powerful database management with data storage, query and modification

-Real-time data storage and display, historical data searching, and eigenvalue modification are all available with CAST®1.0.

-CAST®1.0 saves all measured data of dynamic value automatically and exports them into Excel.


Technical Specifications

1, Hardware Specifications


Weighing Sensor

(1) Measuring Range


(2) Resolution


(3) Weighing Readability


(4) Absolute Error

±0.2mN/m (Reference secondary distilled water)

(5) Data Update Speed

Max.2 data/s

(6) Data Processing

Double-chip processor

(7) Zeroing Method

One-key zeroing with presetting functions


Sample Stage Control

(1) Lifting Range


(2) Lifting Accuracy

Travel resolution:0.1μm; Repetitive positioning: 2μm

(3) Control of Lifting Speed

Variable speed

(4) Control Mode

Software-controlled via USB port for better compatibility

(5) Positioning Readout

Read by software encoder


Communication Port

USB2.0 port can be directly connected to laptop, without the problem of compatibility of RS232




(Relevant accessories

should be optional


(1) Temp. Sensor

Digital semiconductor temperature sensor made in U.S.A.

(2) Temp. Calibration


(3) Accuracy


(4) Readout Mode

Automatically read by software


2, Reference Specifications of CAST®1.0


Measuring Method

3 methods, includes:

- Modified Wilhelmy plate method

- Classical Wilhelmy plate method

- DuNoüy ring method


Measuring Mode

Both automatic and manual mode in measurement of surface / interface tension



Self-calibration of platinum plate & platinum ring and weighing sensor calibration


Pre-wetting Function

Providing human-oriented pre-wetting function


Interface Detection

Detection of interface of liquid-gas/liquid-liquid automatically by software


Density Correction

Density correction with preset function for measurement of interface tension


Buoyancy Correction

3 kinds of buoyancy correction modes, professional FK correction factor


Database Management

Real-time graph, storage and query of measured data and data Excel exportable


3, General Specifications



450L * 210W * 300H mm





Power Supply

AC 100-240 50/60Hz





Optional Accessories

1, DuNoüy Ring

- Conforming to the international standards, for measuring surface / interface tension with established measuring method

2, Temperature sensor

- High-precision digital semiconductor temperature sensor with self-calibration function

- Resolution: 0.01

- Measuring range: -50-150

3, Thermostating sample chamber

- Water circulator connected to control temperature of samples.

- Range: 0-100 or -50-200 for option

4, Water circulator

- Temperature range:-5-100

- Accuracy: 0.1

5, Other specific accessories can be customized


Special Statements

1.The above production pictures and technical specifications are subject to change without noticeand the latest confirmed product information shall prevail.

2. All rights reserved by USA KINO Industry Co.Ltd. 

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