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Portable Optical Contact Angle Meter /Interfacial Tensiometer
contact angle meter and optical interface tension meter model SL200P ia portable Interface Chemical Analysis System based on drop shape analysis for very large or uncuttable samples and Environment of outdoor, assembly line

SL200P is designed for measurements:

- Very large sample, e.g. large LCD, solar substrate, surface of table;

- Uncuttable sample, e.g. bumper, car body, bath and water tap;

- Inner wall of special chamber and vertical surface of sample, e.g. wall;

- Environment of outdoor, assembly line, and on-site measurement, e.g. oil recovery, construction site of road, printing, wafer and more.

The integral instrument consists of sophisticated optical mechanism, optical vision system, high-precision dosing system as well as CAST3.0-USA KINO’s professional interfacial chemical analytical software. SL200P are applicable of measuring of static / dynamic contact angle, surface free energy of solid and its distribution (dispersive force, polar force and hydrogen bond force, etc.), interface tension of liquid-gas / liquid-liquid, etc. We provide clients cost-effective instruments with best performance - the most professional contact angle meter & interfacial tensiometer and technical assurance in R&D and quality control.

 contact angle goniometer contact angle meter contact ange measurement instrument

 What’s Contact Angle?

Contact angle,θ, is defined as the angle between tangent of gas-liquid interface and that of solid-liquid interface formed at the three phases’ boundary where liquid, vapor and solid intersect.

 Fields of Application

●Surfactant, soap & detergent


●Analysis of polymer and surface modification

●Pharmaceutical, e.g. wettability analysis of artificial bone

●Spray, painting & coating

●Paper, film & ink


●Hydrophilicity contact angle determination of air conditioner’s aluminum foil

●Wettability analysis of rock core, coal mine stone and electrical insulator

●Wettability analysis of polaroid, film and wafer surface

●Hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity transformation by UV irradiation

●Analysis of hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of fabric

●Food industry

●Effect analysis of surface treatment

●Cleanness analysis

●Stability analysis of emulsion & foam

●Adsorption and competition of surfactant, protein & polymer

●Characterization of interface rheological properties

●Surface cleanness analysis of PCB, chips (wafer), LCD/LED and high precision machinery elements

●Wetting analysis of carbon fiber, glass fiber and resin

●Electro-wetting transformation and the relevant change of its contact angle

 International norms and standards

→ ASTM D 724: Standard Test Method for Surface Wettability of Paper (Angle-of-Contact Method)

→ ASTM D 5946-2004: Standard Test Method for Corona-Treated Polymer Films Using Water Contact Angle Measurements

 ISO 15989: Plastics- Film and sheeting - Measurement of water - contact angle of corona-treated films


SL200P, portable and easy to operate, is designed for special or on-site measurements. It’s extensively used for its portable.

Portable, comfortable and easy to operate

1. One hand is enough to hold this 1000g weight portable instrument

2. Ergonomical and integral designed instrument is made of aluminum alloy, which is durable and sturdy

3. Real portable design: USB 2.0 as port for power supply and communication

More professional and comfortable design of mechanism

1. Unique mechanism of fixed focal distance and high-precision adjustable positioning stage, with easier and more accurate focal distance obtaining and clearer image shape.

2. Patented optical structure with larger application fields of contact angle measurement.

3. Soft light plate made of frosted quartz glass achieves clearer, sharper and softer background light and better drop shape.

4. Unique design of the syringe replaceable direct dosing system makes it easy to hold KINO’s OEM syringe made of glass or special syringe with PTFE needle, ultra-thin needle (OD:0.23mm) for measuring hydrophobic materials and syringe measuring medium / high viscosity sample.

Sharper edge and high-speed optical vision system

1. Illumination-adjustable cold LED light source technology with sharper and clearer drop contour profile shape, effectively avoiding drop evaporation caused by excessive heat.

2. Higher quality camera with speed of 87-340FPS made in Germany (standard WVGA format). (Optional with cameras of 130M, 300M, 500M)

Interface chemical analytical system (ADSATM) CAST 3.0 with more functionalities and more comfortable user interface

1. Five drop shape states for analysis:

Sessile drop (liquid/gas, liquid/liquid/gas), pendant drop, captive drop and tilted plate

2. Seven methods to calculate contact angle and nearly 20 kinds of curve-fitting technologies:

(1) Exclusive methods of θ/2, circle fitting, ellipse fitting, RealDropTM, spline curve-fitting, Young-Laplace equation fitting, curve ruler (tangent method);

(2) Dynamic / static contact angle measurement

(3) 20 exclusive curve ruler methods, such as circle, spline, Gaussian and Power, enable you to analyze:

-Advancing / receding contact angle

-Irregular angle

contact angle meter & contact angle measurement insrument

3. Twelve surface free energy calculating models, providing you more options to estimate surface free energy and its distributions.

Exclusively provided 12 methods for estimating surface free energy, e.g. Equation of State (Neumann et al.), Good-Girifalco, Owen-Wendt-Rabel, Simple Fowkes, Extended Fowkes, WU method 1-2, Schultz method 1-2, Acid-base (Van OSS & Good), Jhu, and Zizman Plot (critical surface tension) method, can be used to measure surface free energy and its distribution (dispersive force, polar force and hydrogen bond value, and Lewis acid-base, etc.) of low/high energy solid surface.

4. 300 kinds of liquids with 800 data values of liquid surface tension and its contribution as reference data or for faster analysis of surface free energy of solid.

contact angle meter & contact angle measurement insrument

5. Unique interfacial tensiometer of liquid-gas / liquid-liquid with Young-Laplace equation fitting method based on Bashford-Adams table and RealdropTM, used for oscillating drop tests, surface tension measurement of medium to high viscosity sample, dynamic surface / interface tension measurement of surfactant, and oscillating & expanding drop measurement (corresponding modules are required).\

6. Unique curve base line correction technology for measurement of contact angle of lower / upper convex.

Exclusive curve base line based circle- fitting or curve-fitting of unilateral arbitrary curve shapes with easier operation and more accurate result.

7. Rod, thread and tilted plate method based interface tension and contact angle measurement for analysis of contact angle of single fiber. (Need to choose and buy related accessories)

8. Dual-software triggering technology for analysis of complicated dynamic / static contact angle.

Unique dual-software triggering technology of CAST  3.0 can not only be applied to measure static contact angle but also advancing / receding contact angle, roll off angle, time-dependent (standard speed is 25 FPS, and camera with higher speed are optional) contact angle and zero-time contact angle of ultra-water absorption material (e.g. powder, fiber, paper, and artificial periosteum). It is applied more extensively with better measured result.

9. Unique technology of wetting behavior analysis (WBA / wetting envelopes).

A 2D map of wetting envelope can be constructed by using the components of surface free energy and corresponding method (such as OWEN), and a plot produces to show how wettability occurs. It is another way of understanding contact angle, hence degree of wetting, arise from an understanding of the forces existing in the material and between the materials.


    Wetting behavior analysis of low-energy solid material

10. More comfortable software user interface

(1) New-generation wizard UI. Our software will implement measuring contact angle, surface free energy automatically at the touch of a finger according to wizard UI. Besides, with our 140-page user manual, you can operate the instrument easily without any professional training.

(2) Unicode based software interface. Its English user interface can easily be changed to other language (such as Simplified-Chinese), and makes it more convenient to operate.

11. Fully automatic analysis of contact angle, adhesive work and surface free energy

(1) Fully automatic. Just press ”Measure”, images capture, contact angle calculation, data storage and real-time display measured value will be done without manual intervention.

(2) Manual modification function. Double-click ”Modify”, you can modify measured values by captured image, and software saves the record of operation traces conveniently to avoid errors of automatic measured value.

(3) Real-time graph. Left / right contact angle, average contact angle, adhesive work, surface free energy used equation of state method can be real-time displayed without extra calculation.

12. Powerful database management for convenient storage, query, and exporting data:

√Access database technology provides you more powerful functions

√ Real-time saving and indexing of measured values

√One-to-one correspondence between measured data and image; corresponding drop image is automatically displayed when the data is selected

√ Historical data query

√ Modification of historical data

√ Importing and backup of historical data

√ Database compression

13. Measured data exportable.

All measured data can be exported into Excel file and image file into BMP file, which can be easily imported into scientific article and testing report.

14. Standardized windows technology based video capture technology with better compatibility.

The standardized design of video capture method with the windows multimedia technology enables compatibility of various contact angle meters around the world. Just enjoy the convenience brought by CAST 3.0.

15. Unique video recording function. Measurement process can be recorded into AVI format for later use.

“*” marks the major differences between variants.




SL200P1, manual

SL200P2, automatic

Measuring Range of Contact Angles





±1° (θ/2 method)/±0.1°circle fitting

Measuring Range of Interface Tension




Methods of Interface Tension

BA table, Young-Laplace equation fitting

Calculation Method of Contact Angle

7 methods, including θ/2 (WH), circle fitting , ellipse fitting , RealDrop™ , curve ruler  (tangent fitting ), Spline curve-fitting , and  Young-Laplace equation fitting (ADSA™), etc.

Evaluation Models for Surface Free Energy

Exclusively providing 12 methods for calculating surface free energy, e.g. Equation of State (Neumann et al.), Good-Girifalco, Owen-Wendt-Rabel, Simple Fowkes, Extended Fowkes, WU method 1-2, Schultz method 1-2, Acid-base (Van OSS & Good), Jhu, and Zizman Plot (critical surface tension) method, for measurement of surface free energy and its distribution (dispersive force, polar force and hydrogen bond value, and Lewis acid-base, etc.) of low/high free energy solid.

Dosing System

Manual direct syringe pump

Auto direct syringe pump

Micro Dosing System

100uL made of glass with replaceable needles

Dosing Accuracy




needles with OD of 0.5mm and 0.3mm, PTFE, plastic and more

Drop Transferring Method



Vision System

VGA video camera with speed of 87-340 frame/second and communication port of USB2.0

Background Light

Illumination-adjustable cold LED light source


CAST®2.0 enables professional database management with data backup and embedded liquid database


120L×50(D)×120(H) mm

150L×60(D)×150(H) mm




Power Supply

Power supply of 500mA via USB2.0

Special Statements

1.The above production pictures and technical specifications are subject to change without notice; and the latest confirmed product information shall prevail.

2. All rights reserved by USA Kino Industry Co. Ltd.

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