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Spinning Drop Interfacial Tensiometer
Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer model TX500C is basic type of spinning drop interfacial tensiometer and can be independently operated or controlled by software with measurable interfacial tension value down to 10-6mN/m

Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer model TX500C is entry-level and basic type from USA KINO, which adopts such technologies as removable and both-ends-fixed sample tube sampling mode (RBSM), full-self-sealed quartz glass tube (FSGT) and build-in heating system. The instrument can be independently controlled via control panel or controlled by software, which are both simple and comfortable to operate. It is used to measure interface tension down to 10-6mN/m for analysis of dynamic interface tension, interface rheology and interfacial viscosity (oscillating drop method), surface elasticity, relaxation study, etc. It can be applied in fields of personal care product, tertiary oil recovery, micro emulsion, surfactant and more.

 spinning drop interfacial tensiometer interface tension meter for measurement of interface tension

Video for spinning drop interface tensiometer model TX500C


Spinning Drop Method Used For Ultra-low Interfacial Tension Measurement

Under conditions of constant temperature and constant pressure, interface energy increases as interface area increases. The increment of interface energy per unit area is referred to as interface tension, which is formed for the different attractive forces of molecules on both sides of interface to molecules on the interface. Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer can accurately analyze low / ultra-low interface tension, while normal methods such as Wilhelmy plate method and Du Nouy ring method are incapable of measuring such low values.

In general, interface tension of 10-2-10-1mN/m is referred to as low interface tension, and that of below 10-3mN/m as ultra-low interface tension.

To measure ultra-low interface tension, the original balance between gravity and interface tension should be artificially altered to enable the shape of balanced droplet can be easily measured. Making system rotate to increase action of centrifugal force field is the measurement principle of spinning drop method. As shown below.


Spinning drop interface tensiometer


Tertiary oil recovery

Emulsion and polymer

Pharmaceutical, pesticide, paint and coating

Cosmetics and food industry

Surfactant, soap & detergent

It’s recommended to purchase full auto surface / interfacial tensiometer A601 / A101 for higher accuracy when the interface tension is above 1mN/m.


Standard spinning drop interfacial tensiometer-TX500C is a basic and classical interface chemistry analytical instrument from USA KINO, consisting of removable rotation sample tube and build-in full-surface radiator heating system of aluminum alloy, etc. The instrument can be independently controlled via control panel or controlled by software, which enables both simple and comfortable to operate.

 Patent removable and both-ends-fixed sample tube sampling mode (RBSM)

(1) Sampling mode with sample tube removable enables easier dosing and easier rinse of sample tube.

(2) Brand new patent technology of quartz glass tube with both ends opening, no extra bubble formed and easier to dosing and rinse

(3) Sample tube fixed of both ends in the spindle guarantees more stable and less rocking.

 Build in heating system

Simply equipped gas-thermal temperature control system and full-surface radiator heating mode can be used to heat sample without any other temperature control device, which is more suitable for oil field operators.

 DC motor with PID control system for more precise, smooth and stable

Control port of RS232 and USB2.0 with better compatibility.

 Illumination-adjustable cold LED light source

High brightness LED guarantees clearer and sharper drop edge, especially for analysis of muddy samples.

 Sample tube levelness control mechanism used of upgraded rotation stage

By control levelness of high speed rotation chamber and vision system, it easily control of traversing speed of droplet during ultra-low interface tension measurement.

 World-leading interface tension analytical system-CAST4.0 with comfortable and professional design

(1) Automatic dynamic interface tension analysis.

CAST4.0 will implement capture, image storage, calculation and display interface tension automatically at the touch of your finger, effectively avoiding errors caused by human. Furthermore, interface tension varying with time, rotating speed and temperature can also be measured, real-time displayed and exported to Excel.

(2) Interface tension calculation method based on distance between two boundary lines rather than two points enables more precise result.

(3) Humanized software design and database management

-Standard magnification calibration mode enables software automatically search magnification once zoom of lens is determined.

-Wizard design of standard windows for various measurement operators.

(4) Database management:

-Query and modifying historical data at any time.

-One-to-one correspondence between data and image; Double clicking picture to modify measured value; more convenient to query and retrieve data.

-Measured data is Excel exportable for you to create your measurement report conveniently.

-Secondary modification of eigenvalue: The software will record all your operation traces for you to check the measured data to avoid errors caused by human.


 Technical Specifications


Measuring mode: image capture of spinning drop shape, record of motor speed, measuring geometric dimension of droplet, calculation of interface tension.


Measuring Range



Measuring Method

2 methods:

Vonnegut, Bashford-Adams method


Motor Type

High-speed DC motor with 500 lines encoder


Motor Speed



Control Accuracy of Motor



Heating System

No thermal / Gas thermal for option


Voltage of Heating Rod

Inner type heating rod(power supply: 110-220VAC/24VDC for option)


Temperature Probe



Display Range of Temp.



Control Range Temp.

Room temp. -85


Temp. Resolution



Communication Port



Zoom of Lens (Optical System)

Zoom 6.51


Magnification of Lens  






Resolution of Lens



Resolution of Camera



Camera Speed



Transmission Speed of Camera



Communication Port



Background Light

LED Light source, either strobe flash or always on, and switch by software control is available


Luminance Brightness Control

Adjustable LED background light


Levelness Control of Sample Tube

Integral rotation mechanical system


Lens Control

Focus adjustment, horizontal adjustment, spinning drop image tracking


Sample Tube ID

Self-sealed sample tube with both ends opening of 2,4,6mm ID


Fully Automatic Measurement

Just press "Measure", software will automatically capture, finding image edge, seeking sensitive spots and analyzing interface tension and displaying its time-dependent graph.


Database Management

One-to-one correspondence between image and measure value, data query, image and data EXCEL exportable.


Storage of Modification Traces

Data can be modified and its operation traces can be saved.


Data Export

Images and data can be exportable to BMP and Excel


Live Image Window

All drop images here can enable real-time observation


Software Control

Setting and reading of rotation speed, temperature and focus adjustment, droplet position tracking


Real-time Graph

Real-time display graph of time-dependent interface tension



Professional optical system and calibration standard set


Levelness Adjustment

Levelness adjustment of whole meter and lens, as well as integral rotation


Power Supply

110-220V AC


 Standard Components and Accessories

1. one mainframe (computer is not included in the standard configuration)

2. one set of vision system

3. two RS-232 serial cable,1 USB cable

4. one power supply cable

5. five needles of 10cm length

6. two sample tubes with inner diameter of 4,6mm and both ends opening

7. two self-sealed sample tubes with inner diameter of 2mm and both ends opening

8. five set of sample plugs for seal of centrifuge tube

9. two caps of spindle

10. one sample tube with standard wire for calibration 



 Special Statements

1.The above production pictures and technical specifications are subject to change without noticeand the latest confirmed product information shall prevail.

2. All rights reserved by USA KINO Industry Co.Ltd. 


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