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Spinning Drop Interfacial Tensiometer & contact angle meter
interfacial tensiometer model TX500H is the newest variant of interfacial tensiometer/contact angle meter from USA KINO to meet comprehensive needs for analysis of contact angle, surface free energy and interface tension in tertiary oil recovery

Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer model TX500H is the newest variant of interfacial tensiometer & contact angle meter from USA KINO, which represents USA KINO’s most core technology of interface chemical instruments. This instrument fundamentally meets comprehensive needs for analysis of contact angle of solid-liquid, surface free energy of solid-gas and interface tension of liquid - liquid in tertiary oil recovery, which is the most powerful assistance for interface chemistry analysis in research institution of oil field, production institution, and universities.

Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer for measurement of interface tension and surface tension

Spinning Drop Method Used For Ultra-low Interfacial Tension Measurement

Under conditions of constant temperature and constant pressure, interface energy increases as interface area increases. The increment of interface energy per unit area is referred to as interface tension, which is formed for the different attractive forces of molecules on both sides of interface to molecules on the interface. Spinning drop interfacial tensiometer can accurately analyze low / ultra-low interface tension, while normal methods such as Wilhelmy plate method and Du Nouy ring method are incapable of measuring such low values.

In general, interface tension of 10-2-10-1mN/m is referred to as low interface tension, and that of below 10-3mN/m as ultra-low interface tension.

To measure ultra-low interface tension, the original balance between gravity and interface tension should be artificially altered to enable the shape of balanced droplet can be easily measured. Making system rotate to increase action of centrifugal force field is the measurement principle of spinning drop method. As shown below.


Spinning drop interface tensiometer


Tertiary oil recovery

Emulsion and polymer

Pharmaceutical, pesticide, paint and coating

Cosmetics and food industry

Surfactant, soap & detergent

It’s recommended to purchase full auto surface / interfacial tensiometer A601 / A101 for higher accuracy when the interface tension is above 1mN/m.


 Comprehensive functions and budget-friendly

This instrument can complete both functions of optical contact angle meter and spinning drop interfacial tensiometer, which can be used to measure interface tension of liquid-liquid / liquid-gas, contact angle of liquid-solid, solid’s surface free energy and its distribution, e.g. dispersive force, polar force, hydrogen bond value, Lewis acid, as well as wetting behavior analysis of solid material, and all other chemical parameters.

spinning drop tensiometer

 Diversified analytical methods

The instrument can enable analytical methods of spinning drop, pendant drop, sessile drop, tilted plate and more, which can meet extensive and complex measurement requirements in interface chemistry.

 Automatic analytical process without errors caused by human

In the test process, instrument will automatically capture drop shape, find image edge, analyze sensitivity coefficient, and calculate test data without manual intervention, meanwhile it can conduct secondary modification and save its operation traces, effectively avoiding errors caused by human operation.

 Superior optical imaging system with clearer and sharper drop image.

USA KINO provides lens with magnification of 0.3-4.5X, camera system with speed of 87-340FPS and port of USB2.0. All these can enhance accuracy of measured values.

 USA KINO’s upgraded patent technology-gas thermal temperature control system

This technology is designed to close to actual temperature, which is used to specifically get rid of major flaws caused by long time measurement and poor repetitiveness.

 Powerful database management

One-to-one correspondence between data and image; historical data query, data Excel exportable, secondary modification and storage of operation traces.

 Technical Parameters

Interface Chemical Analysis Based on Drop Shape Analysis CAST3.0 & CAST4.0



1.General Specifications

Measuring Range of Interface Tension

102- 10-6mN/m

Measuring Range of Contact Angle


2.Hardware Specifications

Zoom Range of Microscope Lens

0.7-4.5X / optional with 9X18X

Camera Resolution

752*480cameras with 130M300M500M resolutions are available

Video Capture System

Video device of USB 2.0 / PCI video capture card and camera with 1394 port are optional available

CCD camera  with speed of 87-340FPS

(60FPS, 100FPS and 300FPS are optional available)

Lens Control

X Axis: software-controlled drop image finding and FOV tracing

Y Axis: Focus adjustment

Z Axis: Drop imaging position adjustment

R Axis: High-precision integral rotary positioning stage with lock function; Drop movement controlling

Tilt control of camera lens

Control Range of Motor

0-15000 RPM

Motor Type

Servo control system, CVT of down to 1RPM

Control Accuracy of Motor


Control Mode

 Encoder with 500 lines

Heating System


Control Range of Temp.

Ambient temp. +5 - 100

Control Accuracy of Temp.


Heating Mode

Built-in full-surface radiator heating by electrical heating rod

Temperature Sensor

Digital semiconductor temperature sensor with self-calibration from USA     accuracy0.0625


Temperature Control Range if with Water  Circulator


Sample Tube

Sample tube made of quartz glass with inner diameter (ID) of φ6mmφ4mmφ2mm

Self-seal Sample Tube

Inner diameter of 2mm, both ends opening

Standard Wire

Two-directional (horizontal and vertical) calibration (measurement ruler is optional

Fixation Method of Sample Tube

Both ends fixing

Communication Port

General port of USB2.0

Levelness Control

Four-foot levelness control, sample table rotation, and horizontal control of lens

3.CAST™4.0-software of spinning drop interface tensiometer

Calculation of Interface Tension

1. Automatically measuring upper and bottom boundary lines, calculating distance between them, then calculating IFT, and finally exporting all data into database for management.

2. The measured data can be manually adjusted, and the operation traces will be saved.

3. One-to-one correspondence between measured data and picture

Calculation Method

Full-automatic,  and secondary manual adjustment with its trace recorded

Magnification Calibration

Calibration of horizontal and vertical magnification

Database Management

Historical data can be regularly saved and managed by database. One-to-one correspondence between data and image; querying, adjustment, operation traces recording. as well as Excel and BMP exporting

Software Control Function

Temperature, high speed motor,  X axes (tracking images of liquid)

Capture Method

Single capture, continuous capture, capture with 25-60 pictures per second or timing capture, such as 20-minute capture interval and  2-hour total measurement time

4. Software specifications of optical contact angle

Sample Stage

1. Z-direction travel distance: 50mm, accuracy: 0.01mm;

2. Horizontal adjustment;

3.Size of sample table: 50*50mm

Dosing System and Its Control

1.High-precision manual syringe pump, accuracy: 0.02uL (the software-controlled is optional)

2. Disposable needle of 0.5mm, 0.3mm, stainless, PTFE, etc.

3. Sampling system control XYZ 12.5mm, accuracy: 0.01mm

Rotary Stage

Integral rotary stage, for measurement of roll off/advancing/ receding contact angle with curve fitting function of CAST®2.0.

5. Software specifications of optical contact angle

Drop Shapes

Pendant drop, sessile drop, captive bubble, tilted plate, spinning drop

Measuring Method

θ/2, circle fitting, ellipse fitting, RealDrop™, curve ruler, spline, Young - Laplace equation based fitting method

Measuring Functions

measurement of static contact angle , dynamic contact angle(advancing/receding contact angle, time-dependent contact angle), surface free energies(surface tension) of solid, spinning drop surface/ interface tension, WBA

Surface Free Energy of Solid

Exclusively provided methods for estimating surface free energy, such as Equation of State (Neumann et al.), Good-Girifalco, Owen-Wendt-Rabel, Simple Fowkes, Extended Fowkes, WU method 1-2, Schultz method 1-2, Acid-base (Van OSS & Good), Jhu, and Zizman Plot (critical surface tension) method, can be used to measure free energy and its distribution (dispersive force, polar force and hydrogen bond value, and Lewis acid-base, etc.) of low/high energy solid surfaces.

Software Triggering

Unique dual-software triggering technology for measurement of first-time-point contact angle detection in analyzing powder, paper and other hygroscopic materials and also for the whole-process shooting of small contact angle measurement.

Database Management

Historical data can be querying, Excel exportable and secondary modification.

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